Light Shedder Patch (Club Release)

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These ~very limited edition~ patches are what stock is left after the Patch of the Month Club Members have all received theirs and are only available here until sold out, after that they are GONE FOREVER!


- 4"X3.5" large patch
- Iron-on backing
- Intricate stitch design
- Limited Edition: Only 50pcs ever made
- Drawn by seller, you are supporting the artist directly!

For this month's patch design I've gone with an inspiration I've been knocking around for a bit that blends antler shedding with melting wax candles for an ominous cryptid that is perhaps a deity of forest fires or something of the like.

*backing/packaging is subject to what is in stock and may be substituted. Any other products shown are not included but for style and reference only.



1. Turn iron to the highest heat setting.
2. Position patch on fabric (design up, shiny side down).
3. Place a thin cloth over patch for protection (cotton pillowcase or handkerchief works great).
4. Press downwards with iron for 30-60 seconds (no steam). Do not move iron to avoid shifting.
5. Flip garment inside out and repeat step 3 on underside using protective cloth again. Let cool before wearing. 

6. Optional: For extra grip in addition to or instead of steps 1-5 you can sew around the outside edge by hand or machine.

FABRIC COMPATIBILITY: Iron-on patches work best with materials like cotton and polyester (such as what most denims, twills, t-shirts and felts are made of) but can seriously damage fabrics like nylon, rayon, or rain jacket material. For delicate fabrics sewing on is recommended instead.
If unsure of fabric you can test in a small corner/non visible part by pressing with iron on high setting using thin cotton cloth between for 30-60sec. If fabric damages do not use iron-on method.

PATCH OF THE MONTH CLUB INFO: Want a unique, artist designed, limited edition patch delivered each month? Get your say and vote in the creation process plus extra goodies, and discounts on additional patches! Check out the club at

Patches are shipped via USPS international letter to offer the lowest shipping rates possible and do not include tracking unless upgraded shipping is purchased OR if the patch is purchased with other goodies going package mail.