Chained Cherubim Collar Enamel Pins

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A set of creepy, biblically accurate, multiple eyed, angel wings bound together by a 5", removable chain.

This duo of pins will look especially great on collared shirts and sweaters but can also be used on jackets, vests, pockets, bags and more! Chain can be easily removed and re-attached to be used as 2 separate pins when desired.

- Each pin is roughly 1.5" (4cm)
- Gold plated
- Hard enamel (filled all the way)
- Eyes glow-in-the-dark 🌟
- Secured with 2 posts so you can position them perfectly
- 5" removable chain

This set comes in a re-usable jewelry box with anti-tarnish cotton batting and gold ink IdentityPollution branding for safe keeping and extra snazzy gift presentation (box may vary on availability).