Shipping, Eco Info & FAQ




In stock items generally ship out within 1-3 business days via USPS. Shipping times after this are listed below.

Domestic (USA) shipping: 1-3 business days with tracking on packages.

International Shipping: Varies by shipping class from 1-3 to 6-20 business days.



International packages now include insurance automatically. This protects your order from to the higher-than-average risk of loss or damage on longer travels.

United Kingdom:  UK customers can order from {my etsy shop HERE} as they have a system for processing VAT.

I can no longer ship to the UK from this shop due to VAT laws that require an account impossible for me to set up as a small business at this time.

Germany: I can no longer ship to Germany from this shop due to a new law regarding E-commerce shipping that requires an account impossible for me to set up as a small business at this time. Etsy currently has no work-around for this so the only option would be to ship your order to someone you trust outside of Germany and have them ship to you but this is at your own risk.

Shipping rates are based on the lowest currently available using my business discount and include insurance up to $100. Any additional insurance fees I cover personally in order to assure the lowest rate and highest security possible for you.



Processing time on these is longer for production, please check the bottom of the product page for shipping estimations. 

I do my best to get them out as fast as possible but please be patient when ordering these since much of the handling time is in production and shipping from manufacturers! Feel free to contact me for updates on the process of your order :)



I try my best to assure all orders are packed securely and protected from mailing damage but once in a while something may arrive with damage. If this happens, please contact me and I will work with you to come to a fix based on your situation.

If the damage was no-fault (caused by the post company) I can submit a shipping insurance claim on your behalf if insurance was purchased and get a replacement or refund for you.

If you do not purchase a shipping option that includes insurance you are accepting the risk of damages or loss without compensation/replacement.  

If the damage is a flaw that was overlooked (a missing/wrong item, printing streaks, missing enamel fill, etc) I will make it right and cover cost of both shipping and the replacement (at my discretion).



Most orders arrive safely but every once in a while, a package may go on a strange and un-expected journey. 

If your tracking hasn't updated in a long time or has been marked as shipped but is not there: Please check in with every person with access to your mail (house mates, landlords, etc) as well as neighbors if possible and contact your local post office first to see if they are holding onto anything under your name/address/tracking number! This is more often than not the solution to missing packages.

If the above solution doesn't work: Please contact me with your order number and I will do what I can. If you've purchased an insured shipping method I can submit a shipping insurance claim on your behalf and get a replacement or refund for you.

If your order is international, insurance is automatically included in your shipping rate.

If you do not purchase a shipping option that includes insurance, you are accepting the risk of damages or loss without compensation/replacement.  

This being said, I may be able to work out a replacement if you did not purchase insurance, but you will be asked to pay for shipping as well as base cost coverage for the replacement items. This is NOT guaranteed though and insurance will always be the most reliable method of protecting your order!




I use eco-friendly shipping materials!

This does not mean there will be no plastic in your packaging, it is important to recycle the materials in the supply chain already instead of prioritizing "eco-looking" virgin materials.

I primarily use mailers made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and are fully recyclable at your local grocery store's plastic bag recycling bin. Click here to find the nearest drop off bin near you.

Sometimes I test out or utilize other mailers for specific needs but I strive to always use an eco-friendly option wherever possible.

Inner materials are also usually recycled or re-used plastics, paper or cardboard according the needs of the goods inside. Any bubble wrap in your package is getting a second life from a previous package!

Reduced raw material usage, leads to less energy consumption and reductions in landfill waste. By reusing existing waste we are promoting a circular economy.

If you have any questions about my packaging feel free to reach out to me.



I try to use eco-friendly options when I can and produce small runs or take pre-orders to avoid over production. Although not everything made in my shop is recycled I do try to reduce waste and package everything as eco-friendly as possible. if you are looking for the most eco-friendly options here are some highlights:

Wood Pins/Charms: Made from responsibly sourced European Birch Plywood, which uses 20 to 24 times less energy to produce than enamel pin badges! Not only does it take less energy to produce, this birch wood grows quickly, is environmentally friendly and sourced from an ethical supplier that helps us to actively fund responsible woodland management schemes.

Made to Order Apparel: These are made especially for you (or in very small batches)! Making products on demand instead of in mass-bulk reduces overproduction instead of contributing to fast-fashion landfills. An added benefit to this style of printing is that it can usually be done in the same country as delivery so shipping cost and impact are reduced!

Prints: The majority of my prints are produced on-demand in the USA! This makes for less paper waste and shipping impact is reduced.

I try to produce mindfully, although these are some highlights there are many other goodies I make that also utilize earth-friendly practices and materials. Please feel free to ask any questions or give any suggestions, I'm always happy to hear them!

🧋 FAQ 🧋

Q: Do you take commissions / Are commissions open?

A: I do take commissions, most of my basic commission info can be found HERE. Please see my twitter title or ask for open/closed status.

Q: Can you make__(insert product here)__?

A: If you are truly interested in having something made please consider commissioning me, most of my basic commission info can be found HERE. Please see my twitter title or ask for open/closed status.

Q: Will the Trashy Raccoon Mouse Pads be back?

A. I often re-stock the these about once every 2 months through pre-orders but they usually sell out quite fast and are rarely in-stock. The best bet to get one is to order while in the pre-order phase, if possible, this also helps me know how many are needed and fund production.

Q: Will __(insert product here)__ be back?

A. Most popular items will be re-stocked but if it is unavailable feel free to reach out, it can help to know when people are waiting on a re-stock and sometimes I may even have a small backstock un-listed!

Q: Can I use your art as a tattoo?

A. If you'd like to get my art tattooed on you please take a look at {the Tattoo Ticket listing} and read through the details. Purchasing a tattoo ticket will provide you with permission to use one of my artworks as a tattoo at whichever price you are comfortable with!