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📀🎵 Let's go back to the classics~! 🎵📀

THIS IS NOW A LIMITED PRE-ORDER! The total number has been set with the manufacturer (50pcs) so once they are claimed he's gone! 

There is a good chance these will not be able to be made again after this pre-order due to the person producing them discontinuing all services. This is the first and likely last run of this style charm ever being made!

  • Printed soft PVC record sleeve
  • Printed and 3D scratched "vinyl" record acrylic charm
  • inner record charm is removable
  • record attached through sleeve to prevent falling out
  • Star shaped keychain clasp
  • Metal accent music note

Friendly Notes:

The vinyl record is an acrylic disk with 3D scratching and does not contain any songs.

Because of the need to add scratches to imitate vinyl, the CD's surface won't have a protective film. There will be a small number of scratches (including the hole area). Please understand this is unavoidable and not considered a defect.

The outer soft PVC sleeve may have light scratches or minor print cracking, this is the nature of PVC printing and unless it is very bad this is also considered normal and unavoidable.

I am looking into adding a hand-openable clasp between the record and keychain for easier in and out removal, the style of this clasp is not yet determined but will be in addition to what is shown on the mock-up. The clasp must be opened to remove the inner record making it hard to fall out accidentally.

I've done my best to make an accurate mock-up but because this is the only planned run of this style charm I don't have physical samples and the mock-ups may not be 100% exact to the final product. Thank you for understanding.

Pre-Order Info:

This is not an in-stock item! They are expected to ship out around June-July (2022). Timing on pre-orders can not be guarunteed as there are factors in production and shipping outside of my control and although I will do my best to keep to the time estimate please do not order if you are not ok with the possibility of waiting longer!