Angel Dust Black Light Neon Pin (A and B grades)

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Fan pin of Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel!  These are the extras and B-Grades from the first run. There are only a small number in stock and ready to ship at this time.

  • Big, 2" pin
  • Standard pin back (like enamel pins)
  • Printed on florescent acrylic
  • Semi-transparent red in normal light
  • Glows bright pink in black light!
  • Areas of transparent printing for neat glow effect
  • Spot gloss accents (on eyes, teeth, boots, skirt, etc)
  • A-Grade Only Bonus: Comes in a ~fancy~ striped and bowed gift box!
  • Supports an artist directly!

B-Grade Info: These are just BARELY flawed. There was a slight print error in his right eye that put an underlay under the dark parts leaving them with no transparency but it is almost un-noticeable. B-grades come in a brown kraft jewelry gift box.