CUSTOM Holographic Art Amiibo Card

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This amiibo is a piece of functional art as well as a fully working amiibo card that lets you summon a character of YOUR choice to your island!

**CUSTOM VILLAGER** This includes the full-res version of the artwork of your chosen villager/character in a themed room/background as well as the physical, holographic (your choice of crackle, stars or bubble effect), card with working amiibo chip and free shipping. Please keep in mind that custom cards will take an additional 1-3 weeks to create as I draw the art myself. Please let me know your character selection in the buyers note :) 

If for some reason I can't do the amiibo chip for your chosen character I will offer you a choice of refund or an only art version card.

I retain the right to use and/or release any customs drawn in my shop or otherwise, this ad is a special rate that reflects this likelihood! If you really want your custom to be for you only please contact me before purchasing to discuss as the rate will be different.

SHIPPING INFO: Free shipping will be sent via USPS letter-mail, international mail is discounted and sent USPS international letter-mail.