B Grade: Lucifer {Light Bearer} XL Stained Glass Enamel Pin

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These fallen angels are marked down by a bit over 30% due to flaws and/or damage. Please read carefully and see photos for examples.

This "Light Bearer" can be used as either a stained glass light catcher or a statement piece pin for your board or ita bag.


  • HUGE 5" pin
  • 24K gold plated
  • Genuine yellow sapphire (in snake eye)
  • 5 colors of transparent stained glass enamel
  • Pearlescent swirled white enamel
  • 3 back posts for stability
  • Super limited edition: only 50 A-Grades produced (35 B-C grades)


  • Star shaped rubber backings (color may vary)
  • Optional chain for hanging as a light catcher
  • Custom printed, high quality collector's box (Black IDP Logo version)
  • FREE SHIPPING (within the USA)


These are discounted due to damage/flaws. All flaws are cosmetic only and, in my opinion, they are still wonderful to look at (I'm displaying one myself)!

Most are damaged because Lucifer really wanted to look at himself so he convinced the factory to ship him face-to-face with nothing but thin plastic between causing the sapphires to scratch against the surrounding area of the opposite pin.

Although most are scratched, list of possible flaws include:

  • Scratches (usually around gemstone but may be elsewhere)
  • Damaged/chipped gold plating
  • Incorrect or messy enamel fill
  • Other flaws that do not affect usability

Flaw severity/type varies and I won't be accepting any requests for specifics! They will be sent at random for fairness.

A notice about the sapphire inclusion: Due to the cut of the gem and pin mold limitations it will not be flush with the metal! The stone may be set at an angle higher on one side than another, this is not considered a flaw.



Shipping to USA is free!

Shipping is available worldwide with the exception of Germany (UK see below) due to import laws making it impossible for small businesses to ship to.

If you need UK shipping! please let me know, if there is still stock I will set up an ad for you through my etsy as they handle the VAT which I cannot do through this shop currently.