BNHA OTP Heart Buttons (pick yours!)

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Available in all shown ships, custom ships currently closed.

❤ 2X2.25" big heart shaped button
❤ Metal pin-back
❤ Glossy orholographic sparkle


ABOUT CUSTOM SHIPS! (Currently not available)

There are 3 custom options:
Custom mix of availables: any pairing I can make with the chacters that I have ALREADY DRAWN (see buttons for availability)
1 new character X 1 available: A pairing that requires only 1 new character to be drawn for it and 1 that is already drawn.  (for example: ShinsouXMidoriya)
2 new characters: A pairing that requires drawing 2 characters and none of the already drawn options. (for example: ShinsouXTokoyami)