Damned Deer Alastor 11X17" Gold Foiled Print

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Gold Foiled Print

High quality, professional print on extra heavyweight cardstock with gold foiled accents!

Foil Finish info: 

  • 🔅Matte is a bit more yellow-gold and less reflective but still has shine, it is not as durable as the gloss, I suggest not touching the gold to prevent it scratching off (framing or hanging in the bag would be ideal).
  • 🔆Gloss is a brighter, more reflective and shiny gold with higher durability. The style of foiling requires the areas under the foil to be white to adhere and may be foiled up to 1mm off so sometimes a tiny bit of white around an edge of the gold can be seen. 

🔖B-Grade Info: These prints are discounted and have flaws, usually in the gold foiling, possible flaws include scratches, small spots of missing foil, marks, thin lines or other small cosmetic flaws, many hard to spot from a distance. Most B-grades are matte foiling due to the lower durability, but some gloss prints may also be B-grades. You can ask for a specific finish on B-grades but they are not guaranteed.

Some normal grades may include tiny imperfections but are mostly flaw-free.

📦SHIPPING: Prints are mailed FLAT in a sturdy box with clear archival-grade print sleeve to prevent damage!