FizzarOzzie Black Light Neon Pin Set

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Fan pin set of Asmodeus and Fizzarolli! Save $5 + get FREE USA SHIPPING with this set! There are only a couple extras available~

  • BIG 4.5" pin (Asmodeus)!
  • 2" pin (Fizzarolli)
  • Standard pin backs (like enamel pins)
  • Heart-shaped rubber clasps
  • Printed on florescent acrylic
  • Semi-transparent red in normal light
  • Glows bright pink in black light!
  • Areas of transparent printing for neat glow effect
  • Spot gloss accents (on eyes, mouth, boots, etc)
  • Comes in a nice gift box (design may vary)
  • Supports an artist directly!
  • SET SPECIAL! Get FREE US SHIPPING and $5 OFF with the FizzarOzzie set!  

I may re-print in the future but this is not guaranteed.