Husk Black Light Neon Pin (A and B Grades)

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Fan pin of Husk from Hazbin Hotel! These are the extras and B-Grades from the first run. There are only a small number available at this time, I may re-print in the future but this is not guaranteed.

  • Big, 2" pin
  • Standard pin back (like enamel pins)
  • Printed on florescent acrylic
  • Semi-transparent red in normal light
  • Glows bright pink in black light!
  • Areas of transparent printing for neat glow effect
  • Spot gloss accents (on eyes, teeth, nose, hand hearts, cards, etc)
  • A-Grade Only Bonus: Comes in a ~fancy~ striped and bowed gift box!
  • Supports an artist directly!

B-Grade Info: These are from the initial run which had a printing error causing some white under-layer to be printed in the inner wings and eyebrows. B-Grades come in a brown kraft jewelry gift box.

Pre-Order Info: ONLY if you select the pre-order option this applies: I'll be fronting express shipping so these can arrive sometime in March, the wait shouldn't be very long this time! Please only order if you are alright with this wait period and the possibility of delay as unexpected hold-ups although rare can happen. 

I may re-print in the future but this is not guaranteed.