Lucifer {Light Bearer} XL Stained Glass Enamel Pin -PREORDER-

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A most magnificent pin for a most magnificent King~!

This "Light Bearer" can be used as either a stained glass light catcher or a statement piece pin for your board or ita bag.


  • HUGE 5" pin
  • 24K gold plated
  • Genuine yellow sapphire (in snake eye)
  • 5 colors of transparent stained glass enamel
  • Pearlescent swirled white enamel
  • 3 back posts for stability
  • Super limited edition, only 50 are being produced!


  • 2 sets of backings: gold rubber stars and metal 
  • Optional chain for hanging as a light catcher
  • Numbered and signed certificate of authenticity
  • Custom printed, high quality collector's box
  • FREE SHIPPING (within the USA)



This is a pre-order, the pins will be put into production as soon as we meet the threshold needed to pay the manufacturer. In the case this number is not met all orders will be fully refunded.

Expected shipping for these pins is August-Sept. I can not guarantee this time frame as covid shut downs and other supply issues can arise at any time, please only order if you are ok with this. 

Shipping to USA is free!

Shipping is available worldwide with the exception of Germany (UK see below) due to import laws making it impossible for small businesses to ship to.

If you need UK shipping! please let me know, if there is still stock I will set up an ad for you through my etsy as they handle the VAT which I cannot do through this shop currently.


The pictured pin is a SAMPLE it is highly scuffed up from many edits removing and re-filling the enamel. Some of the colors are hand mixed and may be slightly different than pictured but I will be working closely with the manu to assure they are as close as possible. The collector box picture is a mock-up and final print may vary in size/placement/or design if needed.

A notice about the sapphire inclusion: Due to the cut of the gem and pin mold limitations it will not be flush with the metal! The stone may be set at an angle higher on one side than another, this is not considered a flaw.

I will not be grading these! This is a small number limited pre-order of very large and expensive to produce pins with many hand placed/mixed/filled parts, some small variations/imperfections/marks are to be expected due to this and will not be considered flawed. This said, I will look over them personally to make sure they meet my standards and wont send out any badly flawed or damaged pins.

Orders will be sent in order of purchase time and later orders may be subject to longer wait if damaged pins need replacement before shipping.

If you order this pin with anything else the entire order will be held until all items are available to ship (whichever item takes the longest will be the expected ship date for the order as a whole). If you would like in-stock items shipped sooner please make a separate order for them.