The House of Asmodeus CD Keychain

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  • Acrylic charm styled like a CD case
  • Slides open to reveal a removable, holographic disk
  • Printed on front, back and disk
  • Rainbow heart keychain
  • Rainbow cock accent charm

Friendly Notes:

To open, slide the front to the side. Do not try prying the front and back apart like a book or you could damage the charm.

The "CD" is a holographic acrylic disk, not a real CD, and does not contain any songs.

The CD may have scratches on it. It can't have a protective film due to the cutting method, this is unavoidable and not considered a flaw.

I will be leaving all protective films on for this batch (aside from those removed by the manu for cutting). The films can be hard to see or even tell they are there but they can be removed fairly simply by finding an edge with a fingernail and peeling.

These charms are best displayed in Ita bags or at home as the CD can fall out if the case is opened.

The accent charm is a bonus and may vary from the mock-up in size/style/or may be swapped out for a different one if issues/shortages with them arise.

As always with mock-ups, I've done my best to represent what the finished product will look like but it may vary a bit in the final.