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Do you like bones? Do you feel like death? Do you breathe? Do you wish you could show how dead you are inside without becoming actually dead on the outside? Then ~Necromancy~ is the class for you! However, if necromancy isn't working out for you on this husk of a material plane this mask is the next best (and much easier) thing! 

Just strap on this unnerving skeletal Jaws of Death mask and people will look at you and think "I should probably keep my distance from that person", thus saving you from the jaws of actual death (as much as they may seem inviting).

Mask Details:
- Darts sewn over nose/chin area for better fit
- Adjustable ear elastics for comfort and fit
- Adjustable nose wire prevents glasses fog
- Inner layer cotton
- Outter printed layer polyester
- Has a pocket on the inside for a filter
- Includes 1 filter
- 3 layers including filter, 2 without
- Supports an artist directly! 

+🌟NEW🌟 BIG MASKS! 1” Larger height and length
-BIG size (rough): 6” height along front edge X 9.5” width (not including strap)

The Jaws of Death come in 4 styles:

🔪 Clean Cut (white full jaw)

✂️ Unhinged (white top jaw)

🔥 Seething (red smoke)

❄️Frost Bite (blue)


This is not an in-stock item, they are in production and are planned to come in stock around October and be shipped out to you as soon as possible. Pre-orders will all be shipped before regular orders will go live if any remain, these often sell out during the pre-order stage. Pre-orders can have hold-ups, please do not order if you are not ok with potential delay!