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Unofficial, fan-made multi-layered charms featuring Angel Dust, Husk, Alastor, Vox, Lucifer and Charlie Morningstar from Hazbin Hotel!

This album drop includes:
❤️ Poison
☔ Loser Baby
📺 Stayed Gone
👪 Hells Greatest Dad
🌟 More Than Anything

Charm features:

  •  ~2.5" Multi-layered acrylic charm
  • Printed on front, back, inside and on disk
  • Opens to spin and remove the inner "CD"
  • Colorful heart or star shaped keychain clasps
  • Bonus accent charms on each (while available)
  • UPDATE: backs now include a spotify scan code to play the song!
  • Supports an artist directly!

Kindly Note:

Inner "CD" is a small, printed, spinnable acrylic disk, there are no songs on it but the back of each charm now features a spotify scan code to play the song!

Please note, these mock-ups are done to the best of my ability but I'm just a little creature.

Colors, alignments, relative sizes of keychains/accessories, and effects shown on your screen/in the pre-views may vary from the physical charm.

Orders only include the design selected in the menu and no other shown options.