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If you would like to have one of my artworks tattooed this ticket is your opportunity to support the artist and get signed permission to use the design!

You are free to select the amount you are comfortable with! You may select based on your personal resonance with the artwork and your own perception of it's value.

This ticket includes:

  • Signed permission for a single use of one of my existing illustrations to be referenced/used as a tattoo to show your tattoo artist. 
  • I will also send you the best version for printing that I have available of the selected illustration (please keep in mind some older art pieces may not have as high-quality files available due to loss). This will help your tattoo artist recreate the design as close as possible.

Please let me know in your order note:

  1. which design you would like to have tattooed
  2. and the name of the person getting the tattoo (this will be written on the permission ticket).

Important Info:

  • Commissions and flash-art drawn for personal use are not allowed (please ask about the design if unsure)
  • This ticket is for a single use of the design, the name of the person it is for will be on the signed permission. If purchasing for more than one person please purchase a separate ticket and provide a name for each individual.
  • This ticket does not give permission to sell or use my art for anything else.
  • This is not an exclusive right to the illustration, other people may use the same design and I retain all rights to my work.
  • This is not a CUSTOM design! This is only for use of an existing artwork. If you would like a design made specifically for you, please contact me privately when my commissions are open.
  • This is not a physical item. I will send a digital, signed permission and artwork to show your tattoo artist along with your proof of purchase.

I love seeing the finished tattoos! Please tag me if you post on social media @IDPollution (twitter), @IdentityPollution (Instagram) or send me a picture!