Alastor Bouncy Tail Enamel Pin PRE-ORDER ⏰

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His lil fluffer tail go BOING.


💖 2.5"(Alastor) & 0.65"(tail) pins

💖 Hard enamel & black metal finish

💖 Screen printed pinstripes & hoofies

💖 2X pin posts for security

💖 Tail wiggles with a spring~! 


PRE-ORDER BONUS: Red star pin backings!


Pre-order is now CAPPED at 100 total. This is the only batch likely to make it in time for the holidays so please keep this in mind that if we do have a 2nd run it will likely not be in time for holiday gifting.

Shipping is expected around Nov-Dec (most likely in time for holiday gifting)! I can not guarantee this time frame, however, as with any pre-order issues can arise at any time. Please only order if you are ok with this. 

If you order this pin with anything else the entire order will be held until all items are available to ship (whichever item takes the longest will be the expected ship date for the order as a whole). If you would like in-stock items shipped sooner please make a separate order for them.