B-Grade: Hazbin Pin-Up Enamel Pins

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Please read full B-grade description!

There are a very small number of pins from this set discounted due to small flaws (that are often hard to spot)!

Flaws may include any one of or combination of: specks/bubbles/dents in enamel, over/under fills, miss-colored fills, small scratches, metal irregularities/bumps/bent parts, or other similar minor imperfections.

Many of the Lucifer B-grades have a bent cane.

All B-grades are usable pins and will have the back pin posts and rubber backings intact.

You may not request any specific flaw type, they are sent at random.

B-grades do not include any specialty packaging/boxes that normal grades may include.

Pin Details:

💗 Pin sizes: 2.25" (Lucifer, Lilith, Alastor), 2" (Husk) and 1.25" (Niffty) *

💗 Hard enamel & black nickel plating

💗 Inner cut-outs for clean silhouettes (no background fills)

💗 2 back posts each (except Niffty, she smol)

💗 Rubber heart pin backings

💗 Artist signature back stamp

💗 Discounted for small flaws!

*Some of this set are longer/shorter due to poses needing more/less space but they are all sized to look good together rather than be the same size. Niffty is smol 💖