Boba Tea Kitty Enamel Pin

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All proceeds from the sale of this pin will be going to help cover the medical and other expenses of fostering Boba, a sweet kitty that was abandoned in the winter, starving, severely dehydrated, covered in mud and bald spots trying to survive under a trailer during a snow storm. I named him Boba because he's a small black boy with rather comically large... um... bobas.

Fostering a cat is not always easy and the costs for it rack up pretty fast especially vet bills for tests, neutering and treatments which we paid all out of pocket. I didn't want to just ask for money but wanted to offer a way that any kind soul could help him so I decided to make a pin for supporting Boba's care and spreading the love of boba and kitties!

⚫ 1.25" Pin
⚫ Iron with gold plating
⚫ Hard Enamel (filled all the way)
⚫ Screen printed paw pads and blushies
⚫ Black, round rubber clutch (like a boba)