Lucifer/Alastor Spinning Mini Standees {Pre-Order}

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Fan-made Lucifer & Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) Spinning standees!

Early bird $25/ea & only 45 of each available for the first run! Price may raise for future runs.


⭐ Mini standees ~4" for Alastor and Lucifer slightly shorter for scale (~3.6")

⭐ Spinning Cane (Luci) / Mic (Alastor) ~2", ~2.5" base

⭐ Spin their sticks, NYOOOOM! 💫

⭐ Sold separately (but great together)

⌛PRE-ORDER INFO (read before purchasing):

This is not an in-stock item! They are expected to ship out around July (2024). Timing on pre-orders can not be guaranteed as there are factors in production and shipping outside of my control and although I will do my best to keep to the time estimate please do not order if you are not ok with the possibility of waiting longer! If you purchase in-stock items together with pre-order items the entire order will ship together when the last item comes in.

Pre-orders on these standees are limited for this batch but will likely re-stock at a later date.


Simple assembly required: you will need to peel & stick the spinner part onto the standee and connect the pieces. It will come with instructions :)

There will be a gold metal circle used to attach the hand to the cane/mic which will be visible on the standee, see the example video for reference. If this bothers you please do not order.

I have taken care to weight the spinning parts so the mic/cane will rest straight up/down vertically when not spinning by cutting the clear acrylic wider on the bottom/middle to achieve this, please reference the video to see the cutline.

video/photo of Alastor standee with apple cane was an accident from the manu for the sample, Alastor will come with his mic and Lucifer will come with his cane but if you order them together you can give them each other's accessory, if you chose (they can't be swapped once fixed on though)!