Tattoo Oni Adjustable Mask with Filter

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This mask features original art in the style of an Oni (devil/yōkai) Mask. Oni masks symbolize protection from evil, disaster and plague or the demons ability to punish unjust acts. Right now more than ever we could all use some protection from the darkness around us so I hope that this mask will be yours. This is the second unique Oni design in my shop!

Mask Details:
- Darts sewn over nose/chin area for better fit
- Adjustable ear elastics for comfort and fit
- Adjustable nose wire prevents glasses fog
- Inner layer cotton
- Outter printed layer polyester
- Has a pocket on the inside for a filter
- Includes 1 filter
- 3 layers including filter, 2 without
- Supports an artist directly

There are 2 color versions of the NEW Oni:
🐙 Tattoo (Black/White/Red)
🏄 Vapor Wave (Blue/Sunset)

There are 3 color versions of the original Oni:
🌊 Slush Puppy (blue/fushia)
👑 Gilded (yellow/green)
👹 Rage (red/teal)

As with all fabric masks, these are intended for general public use only. They are non-sterile and are not intended for use in any clinical or surgical setting or where exposure to bodily or hazardous fluids may be expected, where the risk of exposure through inhalation is high, or near intense heat or flammable gas. Masks are not surgical masks, personal protective equipment, or filtering respirators (such as N95 masks).